Kristopher Chan

Design Associate

As a Seattle native, Kristopher Chan expresses a deep passion for architecture to his work at Wynn + Associates as a Design Associate. Originated and rooted in the Northwest, his passion for architecture lies at the intersection of buildings, culture, graphics, and urbanity. He is continually inspired by simple, yet beautiful, designs and frequently draws on his love of graphics as a means to spatialize, illustrate, and solve problems. As a master’s student at the University of Washington, Kristopher’s thesis explored how designers can use and visualize data as a methodology to aid in the design of cities to better serve people in the future. He traveled through India and studied the work of modernist French architect Le Corbusier in Chandigarh, greatly influencing his sensibility with concrete buildings and how to design for the environment.


Kristopher melds his love of art and architecture into other life pursuits, giving him a broad knowledge base from which to draw for his work. He has helped curate art and architecture exhibits throughout the Seattle area and his artistic talents have been published in for several illustrated works, including an upcoming book on urban agriculture. When he is not at the office, where he is often found clad in a bowtie, Kristopher is baking desserts at home, running miles with his Springer Spaniel, or enjoying brunch at eateries throughout Seattle.


Kristopher graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Architectural Studies and a Masters of Architecture.